Yolenn Richter

Midwife, Bodywork & Rituals
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Childbirth is an initiation into the immensity of feminine power.

Born in France in 1974 and raised bilingually, I was lucky enough to give birth to my son in 2005 surrounded by those close to me at home.
This experience gave me a clear sense of spiritual initiation.
Today I live in Berlin.

My offerings:

  • Lomi-Lomi massages (Hawaiian rite of passage): Experience the depth of being held on a physical and spiritual level, through a holistic, warm oil massage.
  • Blessingway ceremony: experience a blessing ceremony with close family and friends, as a deep strengthening and networking preparation for giving birth.
  • Closing ceremony: close your own birth experience and deeply embrace motherhood in
    serenity - a space to be reborn.
  • Scar removal: experience returning energy flow for your tissue after perineal injuries or cesarean section through massage, taping and kinesiology.
  • Rituals to acknowledge and honor "unborn children": honor and integrate unborn children or siblings to powerfully take your place in your family system.
  • Rites of passage for more presence and vitality: find the right ritual for this new phase of your life after separations and losses, a drastic change of location or other forms of farewell.
  • Kinesiology and work with inner aspects: find balance through expression, recognition & integration of the different needs of your inner aspects (e.g. your own inner woman, mother, partner, child, artist...)
  • Shadow work according to Tsültrim Allione: find wholeness and freedom by bringing unregarded parts of your personality to light.

Further information: www.yolenn.life & instagram.com/yolennjulie


  • midwife since 2004
  • Shamanic training with Klaus Hüer since 2008
  • clinic clown at Rote Nasen e.V. since 2018
  • artist school in Ticino (Scuola Teatro Dimitri) 1994 - 1997
  • single wheel artist, performer & clown since 1999

Further education

  • Hypnosis/ deep relaxation with the midwife Gisèle Steffen
  • Kinesiology Touch for health I. - IV with Nora Grigoriadis
  • Lomi-Lomi massage with Anja and Jana Goralski
  • Systemic work with Catarina Skirecki, and WISPO systemic center
  • Foot reflex zone therapy (by Arche Medica Akademie)


I love travel: both external and internal guided trips and the magical coincidence of both

A freshly brewed Earl Grey, sun rays on bare skin, dancing with my 1,90m single wheel

What keeps me going the most is the humor and art of my son, family and friends to make me laugh.


German & French (both mother tongue), Italian, and English




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